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IES announce a Brexit workshop at Norfolk Chamber

I will be delivering a collaborative workshop at the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce on the subject that’s close to my heart - preparing businesses in our area for Brexit. The title is ‘Be Better at Brexit - Secure your Supply…

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Untangling Brexit for importers and exporters

Complexity Continuing the series on the issues faced by importers and exporters, this post looks at some of the current complexity faced by Brexit negotiators and suggests some ways for businesses to plan a way forward. Complexity of disentanglement: Firstly,…

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My Top Ten Brexit import and export issues

There are many issues facing the UK as we leave the EU, but which are going to be the most problematic for the country and therefore for importers and exporters? I’m regularly talking to business leaders and import and export…

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Key Potential Impacts of Brexit on UK Business

Potentially Negative Impacts A period of trade instability The need to write customs legislation as EU legislation is redundant. The UK may choose to adopt the EU current legislation and amend over time. Increased costs as with no FTA’s in…

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