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What our customers say

Tracey is very credible and has real integrity. For a people focused business like Masters, that’s important

Mervyn Jeffery, Business & Commercial Development Manager

Import Export Support is a one stop shop in terms of support.

Robert Ormrod, Supply Chain Manager

Thank you for masterminding the Tobar Duty Project and helping us attain the Customs Warehouse with CFSP status. You and everyone else put a huge amount of effort in.

David Mordecai, CEO

Tracey Renshaw’s point about confidence through clarity. I would 100% agree with that

Jo Burton, Financial Controller

HMRC are the most complex establishment on the planet. Don’t even attempt to go there without qualified support.

Alan Piper

Unless you have someone on the payroll who really understands this, just get a consultant in — I’d recommend Tracey Renshaw

Iwan Fisher Managing Director

Significant improvements in efficiency. Tracey has done a really good job.

John Huxtable, Manufacturing Operations Director

When you’re dealing with HMRC you can’t make mistakes – Tracey’s experience is very reassuring

Mervyn Jeffery, Business & Commercial Development Manager

Government documents can be long and complicated, having someone to tell us what that really means in words we can understand is really useful

Daniel Housego-Watts, General Manager

Tracey shone a light in the murky world of import and export duty.

Mal Fenton, Human Resources Manager
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