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Import Export Support Services

Operating a business large or small presents us with many challenges, we are continually juggling demands from our many stakeholders however operating internationally magnifies the complexity as there are many more barriers to success. If you are the importer or exporter of goods into or out of the EU then HMRC will hold you responsible for the payment of all taxes and duties due even if you use a third party Agent to do this for you. It is therefore critical that you both understand and check the accuracy of the returns they submit for you.

This is where we can help.

Use our experience and follow our trusted 4 steps to compliance

Step 1 – Compliance Risk Report

This report will give you a clear indication of the level of risk your business faces from the way it operates its international supply chain. We will also identify any opportunities your business may have to benefit from cost savings and process efficiencies.

We have experience of working with HMRC and have assisted companies in delivery of a compliant robust duty management strategy which suits the scale of their international activities.


Step 2 – Compliance Audit

A more in depth review & recommendations report of your businesses international supply chain activities. During the audit we will review your product from design to despatch as well as looking at payments made to and your interaction with HMRC.

Following the audit we can write or update your Duty Management Strategy. We can give you a clear plan prioritising activities required compliantly and efficiently minimise your duty bill.


Step 3 – Process Map & Procedure Writing

HMRC expect you to demonstrate control over your business activities and to guarantee that you settle your taxes in an accurate and timely fashion. HMRC expect all businesses to have written processes & procedures to ensure this.

Mapping your supply chain process will allow us to clearly identify roles and responsibilities and to address any potential failures whilst newly written procedures will ensure that continuity is maintained.


Step 4 – Project Management

This step involves taking action based on our findings in steps 1 to 3 to implement the changes required to deliver the defined Duty Management Strategy. We can submit applications for duty reliefs & reclaims, perform a classification review.

Prior to embarking on a project we will write or review the business case with costs and benefits clearly identified and the use of recognised project management tools to ensure on time delivery of projects.