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Our service can be summed up in four steps, a proven process that delivers results for importers and exporters

Our approach to import export consultancy in four steps

IES’ Four Steps is a tried and trusted system that gives importers and exporters the information they need to achieve clarity in international supply chains, HMRC compliance and cost reductions.

We’ll investigate where your business can improve efficiency, write an action plan, and execute it.

Link to Compliance Risk Report

Step 1 - Compliance Risk Report

Our initial investigation will look at your supply chain and produce a report which will include an HMRC compliance check, risk assessment and efficiency savings.

As an external consultancy, we can give you an objective overview, allowing you to make the necessary improvements, or if you feel a more in-depth analysis is required we can move on to step two.

Step 1
Link to Compliance Risk Report

Step 2 - Compliance Audit

This detailed import export consultant’s report will focus on processes, HMRC compliance and efficiency.

The Audit will identify exactly where there are supply chain inefficiencies, where your systems are not compliant with HMRC and most importantly where cost savings are available. You will receive an action plan for your business, listing proposals for achieving supply chain efficiency.

Step 2
Link to Process Map & Procedure Writing

Step 3 - Process Map & Procedure Writing

Using the information gained in the Compliance Audit, we will map out and write up detailed processes and procedures for your supply chain.

These will be a valuable asset for your business, ensuring it can maintain a highly efficient supply chain into the future and during an HMRC audit demonstrate that you have full control over your business activities.

Step 3
Link to Project Management

Step 4 - Project Management

Based on the results from steps one, two and three, we can pilot your business by project managing activities like submitting claims for Tax refunds, applying for customs authorisations thus reducing your admin and improving chance of a successful outcome with HMRC.

In the longer term, we also partner with clients using a retained service model where we proactively provide advice and provide reports, alerts, meetings to keep you on track.

Step 4
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