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Import export supply chains. Four steps to start shipping in some savings

IES’ Four Steps is a tried and trusted system that gives importers and exporters the information they need to achieve supply chain clarity, HMRC compliance and reduce the cost of moving stock around the globe. Our depth of experience is used in the Four Steps to make a system that is very effective at revealing where businesses can improve efficiency, creating an action plan and then executing the plan.

Step 1 – Compliance Risk Report

Our initial investigation will look at your international supply chain and produce an outline report. This will identify HMRC compliance issues, risk levels and opportunities for efficiencies.

You can then to decide whether the report gives your business enough information to achieve the necessary improvements, or if you need to move on to Step 2.


Step 2 – Compliance Audit

We will analyse your supply chain in detail, focusing on processes, HMRC compliance and efficiency.

The Audit will identify exactly where your processes are inefficient, where your systems are not compliant with HMRC and most importantly where cost savings are available. The Audit will end with an action plan for your business, listing our recommendations for achieving supply chain efficiency.


Step 3 – Process Map & Procedure Writing

Using the information gained in the Compliance Audit, we will map out and write detailed processes and procedures for your supply chain.

These will be a valuable asset for your business, ensuring it can maintain a highly efficient supply chain into the future. It will also demonstrate to HMRC that your business has full control over it’s activities


Step 4 – Project Management

Based on the work done in Steps 1,2 and 3, we will guide your business through the action you decide to take to improve supply chain efficiency. Our experience in dealing with HMRC, making reclaims and applying for authorisations means that we can help your business make improvements effectively.

This is where your business will see the benefits of a streamlined and cost efficient supply chain.