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Compliance Audit

Step 2 is in depth report on your supply chain, checking on HMRC compliance and cost efficiency

A Compliance Audit determines whether a company’s processes are cost effective and that they follow the applicable rules, legislation or HMRC guidance. It will include a reviewing of sample border transactions (import/export paperwork) to ensure compliance with HMRC and identify potential savings.

What is Compliance Audit?

A Compliance audit will identify any opportunities to make cost savings and process efficiencies whilst also giving assurance that the company’s processes and procedures are compliant. It identifies possible failings and training requirements. The audit can help prevent future deviations from rules and regulations by assuring that processes and procedures are being followed.

What you get

IES will provide a Summary of Non-Conformances Report detailing the accuracy of the import/export transactions reviewed. In addition, you will receive a detailed Business Risk and Recommendations report using a SWOT based approach which is performed on site. Using our experience analytical tools and experience we will help you focus on a few key activities required to improve efficiency and compliance.

What next?

IES will provide a Summary of Non-Conformances Report detailing the It’s simple use the Contact us form requesting a consultation and gather details of your international supply chain activities along with details of any custom authorisations, internal and Third Party KPIs, SLAs and SOPS.

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