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Project Management

Bringing in a consultant with customs and project management expertise means your projects stay on track.

Usually, your teams are too involved in their daily activities to find time to manage a project and we find that using an external consultant with expertise in both customs and project management ensures that the project stays on track and is delivered in a timely fashion with minimal disruption to the business.

What you get

With IES in the Project Manager’s role we sure that a project plan is drawn up relevant to the activity required and will ensure the project is kept it within scope, We will provide periodic highlights and issue reports to escalate any slippage, bottlenecks to the project sponsor.

What next?

Simply use the Contact us form requesting a consultation and gather details of your international supply chain activities along with details of any custom authorisations, internal and Third Party KPIs, SLAs and SOPS.

What’s new?

Ensuring compliance

The legislative changes to the Union Customs Code (UCC) are as a result of a drive to modernise and harmonise customs procedures throughout the EU. This includes the phasing out of paper declarations meaning all communication between HMRC and traders will, by law, be electronic. Even after Britain leaves the EU, all trade with the EU will require compliance with the new UCC.

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status

Because supply chain security is subjected to ever more sophisticated and complex attacks, HMRC expect international traders to have robust processes in place to identify, control and address these risks. AEO is the standard against which HMRC will benchmark companies to check there are adequate controls to ensure the safe passage of goods into and out of the EU.

As experienced AEO consultants, if you’re considering AEO status, give us a call.

Customs valuation

For valuation purposes Earlier Sale/First Sale relief will no longer be permitted and there are new rules as to whether or not royalties will form part of the customs valuation.

Customs authorisations and simplifications

The following customs authorisations and simplifications have either been changed or withdrawn:

  • Inward Processing Drawback (IP (D)) & Low Value Bulking Imports (LVBI) has been withdrawn
  • The removal of the €10 waiver of customs duty i.e. no de-minimis exemption applies so no matter how small the debt will be payable
  • Inward & Outward Processing & End User Reliefs, Customs Warehousing & Temporary Storage for new authorisations requires a mandatory guarantee to cover the Duty & VAT liability.

We can help

  • Complete & submit HMRC application forms on your behalf
  • Ensure that the valuation, origin, classification declared on import complies with the new legislation
  • Considering Self-filing Work with IT on EDI development and system integration.
Get Started

The birth of a Customs Warehouse

This case study tells the story of how Bambino Mio’s sustainable nappy business gained a new Customs Warehouse, a project managed by IES.

We wouldn’t have achieved what we did so quickly without the right input from Tracey Renshaw

Robert Ormrod, Supply Chain Manager, Bambino Mio

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