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My Top Ten Brexit import and export issues

There are many issues facing the UK as we leave the EU, but which are going to be the most problematic for the country and therefore for importers and exporters?
I’m regularly talking to business leaders and import and export professionals – these are the issues that crop up most often in conversation.

The Top Ten, in no particular order.
  1. Cost: No precedence for countries leaving means that the cost of exit cannot be predicted or guaranteed and therefore is up for negotiation. The Brexit Bill, the admin costs
  2. Time: The clock is ticking to 29 March 2019 – insufficient time to agree a Free Trade Agreement
  3. New UK border: EU Movements becoming real exports and imports impacting both cost and time
  4. Complexity of disentanglement: We will need to adopt or re-write the vast amount of EU legislation which is embedded into UK Law
  5. It’s not just trade, it is about the four freedoms of the EU:
    • a. Free movement of goods (tariff)
      b. Free movement of Capital (CT/currency)
      c. Provision of services (freedom to provide services within the EU)
      d. Free movement of people (workers & citizens)
  6. Fear of the domino effect: A good UK deal could encourage other members to leave
  7. Resource: Insufficient knowledge or skill-set as this is all based in Brussels not in the UK
  8. No majority in government and no longer have a voice in EU: A deal requires an EU voting majority i.e. 20 of the 27 to agree
  9. Conflicting interests: Similar to a divorce, both sides will want the best individual outcome
  10. Border control: Full customs entries, physical Irish Border, insufficient resources, people, finance, not to mention Gibraltar & the Spanish interest.

I’d be interested to hear what issues matter most to you, and what should be added to the list. This series aims to give you the information you need to help make decisions for your import and export business. There’s lots more to be said on Brexit, so if you’ve found this useful, bookmark the page and come back for more updates as Brexit Bites!

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