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CDS the new customs declaration system replacing CHIEF by March 2019

CHIEF replacement CDS the new customs declaration system  will be phased in between August and early 2019, with CHIEF continuing to run during this time to aid the transition. Importers, exporters or their agents will be informed by their software provider when they need to provide the additional information in order to start making declarations on CDS:


  • Sign into CDS on GOV.UK through a Government Gateway account.
  • CDS will offer several new and existing services in one place – for example, traders will be able to view previous import and export data on pre-defined reports, check the tariff, apply for new authorisations and simplifications, and check their duty deferment statement.
  • Online help will include self-service tools, guides and checklists.

ADDITIONAL information will be required for declarations*

  • An audit trail of previous document IDs.
  • Additional party types, such as the buyer and seller.
  • Possible additional commercial references or tracking numbers.
  • Levelling – change between ‘Header’ and ‘Item’ for some data items.
  • Location of goods identification (based on UNLOCODE).
  • The warehouse type code list.
  • Item tax lines, including method of payment codes.
  • Unit of quantity codes (ISO).
  • The way customs procedures are quoted.

The number of items on a declaration will increase from 99 currently allowed on CHIEF to 999 allowed on CDS.

*in order to align with the World Customs Organisation Kyoto Convention, currently being implemented in the UK through the Union Customs Code (UCC) & to align UK customs data with international standards

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